Our Story

Métafit Sport

A small company that started in March 2017. 
It started because my mother in law and I started talking about how we don't always find what we like for our individual body types. One day we said "let's do it!" and here we are. 

What is the meaning of Métafit Sport? 

2 things: MÉTA (spanish or french) means a goal, the ideal place to reach and FIT, well... we all want to be in the best and healthiest place we can be. Métafit is basically your goal to be fit or to get to the place that you can. Métafit Sport is about the journey each and one of us has to get to that place and no journey is an easy one, but we can all work towards those goals and support one another. 

Who owns this awesome small company?

This business is owned by two women entrepreneurs, who just happened to be Mother and Daughter in Law. Each of us is a busy woman with families to care for, but we also know that we like to take care of each other to be healthy for us and for them. 

Karla's Story (Daughter-In-Law)

I have to say my journey to be healthy and fit is a long one... At 17, I got diagnosed with a blood disorder and was given medicine (steroids) to try to control that. "Aren't steroids going to change your personality?!" Yes they were starting to do that, but not only that, they made me hungry at all times. At this point in my life I had no knowledge on what healthy eating was, I did not know that being physically active was super important... Honestly that sucks! Eventually people started telling me that I looked more "llenita" in spanish, meaning I looked a little chunkier. That's when I decided to stop taking these "meds" and hit the gym. This is when my love for fitness apparel started without realizing it. I was able to wear something comfortable and it didnt make me feel like it didn't go with my body, but it did cost a lot of money. Over the next year I met my husband and obviously my mother in law, and he helped me learn so much! I started being more aggresive and believing more in myseslf and my ability to continue to this fitness journey. It has been a struggle and I admit that I have not reached my goal, but it's all about the journey and how you get to these places. Two years ago I started crossfitting and that is a whole different journey I have embarked on, but it is still part of the same goal. I still have that same "meta" to get to be as fit as possible, but also I want to make others know they can believe in themselves to get on any journey they want and achieve something great for themselves and to get to be as healthy as possible. 

Maria's Story (Mother-In-Law)

As a young women, before having my kids, I used to be naturally thin. Even after my first two boys, I was not struggling with my weight. After having my last two children, my body definitely was different. I also have been working since I was 6 years old with my family. I started working in the fields, but since then I made sure my kids did not go through what I did, and I have been a school bus driver for many years now and love my job. The problem with this is that I am driving ALL DAY! I used to eat so bad, cereal here and there and other habits that I had. One day, I decided this needed to stop, and with support from my family I found a new lifestyle of healthy eating. I started the ketogenic lifestyle and this has helped me a lot. For a while, I did not go to the gym or walk, but I started to at about 6 months of my new lifestyle. I started realizing that I was not wearing regular clothes anymore, and that a lot of the clothes I owed did not fit anymore. My fitness apparel is what makes me see how my body has changed and how much I love taking care of my body. As a mom of 4, I know that I need to take care of myself, in order to see all my children grow, and their children as well. Karlita and I get along very well, and when we decided to start our business (Métafit Sport), I was excited for this new journey, and continuing my own as well.